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A classic maze-munching arcade game!  Eat your way through mazes, slurping up dots, munching on the dopey cube-folk who live in the maze.  As dopey as they are, they don't stay that way - when you've eaten just too many of their dot's, it puts them in a rage! 

This game is written entirely in NextBASIC for the ZX Spectrum Next.   It was originally written in 2020 when I first got my next, under the name 'Pucboy'.  However a lot of optimisation and rethinking later, some new graphics and additional features and  Blok Boy was born!


  • Arcade-style maze game action
  • Supports both Keyboard and Joystick
  • Top 5 high score table
  • Increasing difficulty as you progress levels.
  • 3 unique maze layouts
  • Proper AY Sound effects (i.e. not BEEP) and little 'tunelets' of sorts.
  • Animated graphics
  • Source code in .txt format (with comments)
  • Six-page PDF with a few tips on tweaking game and some technical info.
  • PDF User guide to explain game and controls

For speed, the playable BASIC game has been stripped of all comments, however the comments source code is provided as a text file.  

Some additional tips for how to modify the code are also included in PDF format.  Note I apologise that this is not a complete code break-down (as with my other projects).  I hope to produce a more indepth document in the near future (when, I am unsure) as the code is a little more technical then my other projects, requiring some careful thought on how to best explain things clearly.

So - play it as-is, look at the coding and play with it for some learning fun, even edit the code and graphics to make it your own!   Enjoy.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags8-Bit, Arcade, basic, maze, Open Source, ZX Spectrum, zx-spectrum-next
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


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blokboy_code.txt 22 kB
BLOKBOY_tech-tweaks.pdf 212 kB
BLOKBOY_userguide.pdf 367 kB


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That's a really stylish take on the game.   I'm resisting playing it on an emulator and I'm waiting for my real KS2 hardware to arrive but this is a day one download I think :)

Definitely a different experience on the hardware.  Emulator's great for playing it, though the audio is a little out of sync, and the speed is probably 10-20% slower.

Congrats! nice game in Nextbasic.

I have added a User Guide (for those who downloaded this when the game was initially uploaded).  It explains the details on screen, the game and keyboard controls.

Awesome stuff!!

Funciona en emulador? gracias

On Download-Page we can read this:

To play the game on your ZX Spectrum Next (or NGo, or an emulator such as CSpect or ZesarUX)

  1. Download the BLOKBOY_GAME.zip file. Once downloaded, unzip the contents to a folder on the SD card for your ZX Spectrum Next.  Browse to the folder, then load the BLOKBOY.bas file to play.  
  2. There is a 6 page tips/tech provided as a separate download as well as the source code in txt format (note that the BLOKBOY.bas file has no comments in the code (to improve performance)). The game should automatically start upon loading, however you can press BREAK (or Shift space) on the Next to view its code at any time.  It would be better to review the source code txt file however if you want commented code.