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Awesome shooter and in basic! Great stuff.

You don´t have this file in nxt extension ?

You mean a .nex file?  I believe nex are for executable applications (ie.  Compiled programs)  and not so much for loading and running basic files. (well,  at least from what I understand of them).

Yes nex file. Do you have it too ! BTW, your game looks awesome.

This is a BASIC game so there wouldn't be a NEX file.  NEX files are the format for machine-code games

NOTE: Just something here for anybody running this on the latest core/NextZXOS 2.07k...  While playing it on the physical hardware, occasionally the background of the text on the title screen went purple after entering the initials into the high score table...

Why?  No idea as there are no purple colours used in the game (for printing) at all.  Re-running the game seemed to fix it, but I've heard someone say it happened a few times.  It's more a visual aesthetic issue on the title screen and doesn't detract from the game.

Purple is used to mark transparency so it will be related to that.

Another great game from Kevman3D and happy to support as fellow next basic dev!  Love the write ups and insights into how others code.  Dont forget the box artwork for ALL your games :-D

lol!  Box artwork - I have some (roughed out).  Will add a printable 'J-card' one of these days once I get around to putting a cleaned up illustration/painting together. 

Absolutely loving the look of this. AY sound effects are sweet, too! 😁

Thanks!  I have been staring at this project for way too long - its nice to finally get it uploaded so I can move on to the next game project.  :)