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Thanks for your work Kevin especially for the superb documentation which is going to be a great help for me.  Comments on Facebook also really helpful to get me going!

Cheers - Rob H

Thanks Rob!  Glad to hear people are interested in the documentation... 

Amusingly the documentation takes more time then writing the game itself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I wanted to pay respect to the 1980's era of type-in learning with documentation and to provide some educational value to the games for those keen to learn to write their own... 

That's why I suggest people modify, improve, bug fix 😜 or experiment with parts of the code they are interested in understanding.  The documentation hopefully helps explain it enough to make it easier to mess about with. 

Pleasure Kevin!

That’s always the way that the documentation takes longer than the software :-) It does however make what you do quite unique on the platform at the moment. 

Don't know if it is just me but I find the scrolling or probably the game speed to be very jittery on my ks2 machine. It slows down when firing for example. But when not a lot is happening it speeds up quite a lot. 

Compared this to the youtube footage from ks1 machines from 2 years ago and their scrolling seems slower but stable. Tried 50hz and 60hz, didn't make much of a difference in stability. Slowing down the next to 14mhz remedies the issue somewhat, but probably makes the game run too slow overall and it seems to reset to 28mhz on every new game start, so is not a  fun workaround

am i missing something or is the game just no longer working that well with ks2 machines or newer core versions or something?

I'm not sure - possibly something has changed in NextZXOS/NextBasic that has broken something...  As you noted on Alien Annihilation, that also seems to now have an odd bug...

This is very wierd...  Thanks for the heads up on that one (and the comments on the other games)

Definitely seems it's the now much-faster NextBasic 2.08 throwing things out of whack... 

I will update my Next to 2.08 - I have a fix that I will need to apply across all my games especially for the new KS2 users out there. 

On a plus, 2.08 should allow me to push more stuff in future games πŸ‘

I have uploaded an updated version (one small single tweak is all it took on line 130) for KS2 / NextBasic 2.08 that should now correct the speed fluctuations.  Enjoy (I hope) 

Love it! Thanks man! Was able to compete now on some leaderboard thingy πŸ˜„

lol!  Really enjoyed your video! :)

new video of just the gameplay up on the channel also. Hope you like it.

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Awesome - Yeh, I watched that one (and subscribed - been meaning to do that for a while now).   Thanks so much for showing it, as well as the user-modded code version - I'm sure Jay is chuffed (aka Spriteworx). 

Maybe if you're feeling adventurous have a bash at making a "Bapstarcade" version. ;-)

If I could code I would. :)

What an awesome take on scramble! Would love to see some extra level design like the original and some nextdaw music added! Fantastic little game, i will be featuring this in my next youtube video bapstarcade the series episode 3..please look out for it!!

Thanks for showing it on your channel (just saw it - didn't realise I hadn't subscribed (but I am now)) - also the modded version from the link posted in the comments below was cool to see.

Excellent and addictive game. Here is a link to a modified version with a few enhancements : Enhanced Ranble

Nice features and mods!  Really glad to see people having some fun with tweaking and playing with the game code/graphics.