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new video of just the gameplay up on the channel also. Hope you like it.

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Awesome - Yeh, I watched that one (and subscribed - been meaning to do that for a while now).   Thanks so much for showing it, as well as the user-modded code version - I'm sure Jay is chuffed (aka Spriteworx). 

Maybe if you're feeling adventurous have a bash at making a "Bapstarcade" version. ;-)

If I could code I would. :)

What an awesome take on scramble! Would love to see some extra level design like the original and some nextdaw music added! Fantastic little game, i will be featuring this in my next youtube video bapstarcade the series episode 3..please look out for it!!

Thanks for showing it on your channel (just saw it - didn't realise I hadn't subscribed (but I am now)) - also the modded version from the link posted in the comments below was cool to see.

Excellent and addictive game. Here is a link to a modified version with a few enhancements : Enhanced Ranble

Nice features and mods!  Really glad to see people having some fun with tweaking and playing with the game code/graphics.