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Thrust into a galactic warzone, obliterate the swarms of hostile aliens using your arsenal of laser weapons and the formidable deathcharger energy shield, your only protection against the relentless onslaught.

Starblaster is a fast paced classic arcade-style shooter inspired by Defender, with a variety of backgrounds and plenty of firepower,  written entirely in NextBASIC (2.08) for the ZX Spectrum Next.  

REQUIREMENTS: This game requires NextZXOS 2.08 (or higher) to run.  Kickstarter 2 (KS2) ZX Spectrum Next's should already be running this.


  • 8 different background terrains, 4 different alien types
  • Animated sprite graphics and plenty of particle-style bursts
  • Loads of fire power (including the formidable Deathcharger)
  • Supports Keyboard (redefinable) and Joystick
  • Top 5 high score table (scores are saved to disk).
  • Game options screen for refining performance and adjusting game play.
  • 50-ish page PDF code break down guide for the entire game, data and more.
  • Original source code in text file format.

Play it as-is, look at the coding and play with it for some learning fun, even edit the code and graphics to make it your own!   Enjoy.

CSPECT USERS:  CSpect does not play audio correctly - the game will work though (just make sure you have updated your SD card image to 2.08)


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StarBlaster_CodeBreakdown.pdf 1 MB
StarBlaster_Source.txt 25 kB
Starblaster_game.zip 16 kB


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Dropped by after TJ's video. Fantastic Shooter. Ideal for pick up and play when I have some spare time. Cheers.

Lol!  TJ's like that "internet influencer" for Next games 😂

Yeh, its just a brainless blasting game, but once you realise how much firepower you have, it's strangely satisfying for a quick break from housework 😁

Congrats on the game. It plays great!

Here is my go.  Fun and plenty of Cussin Jar worthy game.  TJ

Lol! A good laugh as always TJ - thanks for playing (and cracking me up).

Thanks for the fine game.  ;-)

Arghh!  I KNEW something would go wrong - and it seemed that the sprite file was missing from the game!  I have updated the ZIP here, and also included the sprite file as a download for those who already had downloaded it (and just wanted the file).

I was just about to message you re that and see you’ve found it! I’ll download the sprite file :-)

Lol...  Yup, nothing like waking up to get ready for work and spotting "it says it can't find a file" posts online 😬

It’s not a proper release unless there’s a small amount of drama ;-) 

I figure everybody who needed the separate graphics file has it, and it's now in the zip file so just as easy to grab (if you need it). 

I removed it from the download list so people wouldn't get confused... 😁

Thanks Kev - Looking forward to taking a look in more detail at this one hopefully soon.  Thanks again for the documentation!!! Fingers crossed for that awesome platform game in future ;-)

Looks fantastic! On my list it goes 🍻

Oh yes! Definitely giving this a blast tonight